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“You cannot mislead destiny”

“That confirms the professional career of Salomé López, the soul of this firm. When all the girls played with dolls, she did so with her mother’s wedding veil and red high-heeled shoes. With the veil she improvised all kinds of models. those who always accompanied her shoes…

When it was necessary to decide what to study, she did what she had to do: “something in which she had a guaranteed future.” But the veil and her red shoes continued to haunt her nights. What she liked was designing shoes. “Not selling shoes (she qualifies), but talking to a client, guessing what she wants, advising her and making her what she needs in an exclusive and traditional way.”

In 2008 fate decided that the time had arrived. She left everything and, in the middle of the crisis, she took the step: she set up her store and learned about market studies, sales, taxes, window dressing, financial balances…
For years she got around all kinds of difficulties, the business started and… it worked!

Now, with more than ten years of experience behind her, Salomé López evolves her brand. And she does it, as always, with her meter, her pencil and her notebook in tow. Loaded with great doses of illusion and new designs in a head that never stops.”