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They are a model inspired by those red shoes that Salo played with as a child. Evolved, adapted to the new times and trends, incorporating the best materials and in different colors, a 11centimeter heels stilettos with a main accessory: a shoelace tie at the back. They are our most iconic shoes. We make them in the type of leather, height and width of heel and color that each client chooses.


From 1,5 cm to 12 cm

Types of leather and colors

More than 1000 options


Brooches, embellished heels, etc.

In addition, our models can be mixed with each other, reaching new models that each of you are creating and making unique. Once the client is clear about how she wants her shoes, we begin to manufacture by hand, each pair is handmade from beginning to end and within 3-4 weeks the shoes will be finished and ready for use.