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Our goal is to make the shoe you want, that model that fits your style and your needs.

We attend you personally in our store located at Calle Fernandez de los Ríos, 6, Madrid. We have a wide range so that you can try on the different lasts, models, types and heights of heels. For many of you the main thing is comfort, for others the heel height and the aesthetics of the model.
What we try to do is help you find a balance between aesthetics and comfort in your shoes.

Once the design has been decided, the person in charge of the brand comes to our workshop and explains in detail what your choice has been.

First of all, she talks to the Cutter who cuts each pair of shoes with the pattern of the model, in the leathers and colors chosen by each client, because they are, as we say, exclusive “à la carte” models. Later they go to the Sideboard that proceeds to sew them as a “puzzle”. And finally, the work is completed by the shoemaker who assembles them in the chosen last, and puts the heel and sole on them. To check that everything is correct, the final supervision is carried out in the “Finished Area” where the final touches are incorporated if deemed necessary.

From the moment the shoe enters the workshop, we are ready to offer it to you within 3 or 4 weeks.
The combinations are endless and with a selection of the best quality materials, many of them are limited edition. Always, with one feature: acquired from the best suppliers in Spain.